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Contextually appropriate character idiosyncrasy, or questionably shaped carrot dangled in front of the gaming press? Either way, Rockstar's latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise -- one of controversy's more intimate acquaintances -- roasts yet another wiener on the fiery debate over mature content in games. Though we're certain most players were expecting a fair amount of dicks in The Lost and Damned 's cast, the presence of a penis may come as a surprise.

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I was wondering if Grand Theft Auto 4 contained any nudity because if it does my mom won't let me buy it.

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But now that the embargo for reviews has just lifted here's ourswe're able to report for the first time that GTA IV: The Lost and Damned - the first of two downloadable episodic expansions to last year's phenomenal Grand Theft Auto IV - contains a scene of full frontal male nudity. It's the first time we've ever seen a fully realistic 3D penis, complete with pubic bush. And in our review, we describe it as the most alarming scene in the entire Grand Theft Auto saga to date - not because it's as 'extreme' as some of the violence and torture on show in the game, but because it's just so completely unexpected, and bound to cause some sort of outcry in the vein of San Andreas ' "Hot Coffee". The scene, which players will encounter about a third of the way into the game's substantial hour-plus story, sees protagonist Johnny Klebitz' first encounter with a new character, Congressman Thomas Stubbs.

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